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The Showcase primer



Download our digi comp.

Our archives are pretty worthless, so for those lookin' to catch up, here's a handy set of links.

Read about the bona fides of our weekly judges: 607, Nicole Boddington, Jason Tedford and Jason Weinheimer and our guest judges so far — Joey Lucas, Jim MizeRob Bell, Shannon Boshears, Brad Williams and Isaac Alexander.

Download a free digital compilation featuring all 20 Showcase semi-finalists.

Stream music from our first round contestants: Jordan Atwater, Magic Hassle, Frown Pow'r and the winner, Velvet Kente.

Read judges commentary on Velvet Kente, see pictures and read rundown of round one and see a video of VK.

Stream music from our second round contestants: Whale Fire, Gina Gee, Loch Ness Monster and the winner, Nik and Sam.

Read judges commentary, see pictures and read a wrap-up of round two.

Stream music from our third round contestants: Four on the Floor, Sean West, Style Guide and the winner, the See.

Read judges commentary on the See and a further round-up and pictures of round three.

Stream music from our fourth round contestants: Midwest Caravan, Rockst*r, Good Time Ramblers and the winner, the Chicklettes.

Read judges commentary on the Chicklettes, see pictures and read a wrap-up of round four. And watch video of the the Chicklettes' Sophonda Mayhemm harassing our photographer.

Stream music from our fifth round contestants: The Weisenheimers, Riverboat Crime, Apples and Spades and the winner, Jonathan Wilkins.

Read judges commentary on Wilkins, see pictures and read a wrap-up of round five and watch a video, in the Times video player on the home page, of his performance.

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