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Saturday To-Do: International Rugby Contest



12 p.m., Little Rock Rugby Complex. Free.

This is the best press release I've gotten in weeks: “Did you know that Little Rock plays home to a United States sports team? Did you know that same team happens to be International Champions? Did you also know that Little Rock is about to host one of the biggest international rugby games of the season? Now you do.” So much drama and passion. And deservedly so. The USA Women's Rugby team is based in Little Rock, and they're really good. On Saturday, they're tuning up for the world cup in Dubai with a match against the New Zealand women's team. Kiwis regard rugby about as highly as we do football, so it should be a good match. The teams will play three matches, at 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. In between, the Little Rock men's team will take on the Memphis Blues. The rugby complex is at 14301 Dineen, off Hwy. 65 at the 145th Street/Pratt Road exit, across from Daisy Bates Elementary. Get more info at

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