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Pancakes for Fat Tuesday?


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In England back in the days before old King Henry VIII got it into his mind that his kingdom should have a church of its own, Lent was observed.  Lent would start on a Wednesday, so on the Tuesday before every bit of milk, butter, and egg were used up.  Hence the term "Fat Tuesday."

What can be made from milk, butter, and egg?  Other than really fluffy omelets -- well, there's pancakes.  And to celebrate Fat Tuesday next week, the International House of Pancakes chain is offering free pancakes to get you in the door.  Between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., you can have a free short stack.  In return, IHOP asks that you donate what you would have paid (or more) to the Children's Miracle Network.

More information at the IHOP website.


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