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Make a music video, win stuff



The Moving Front filming the video for "Zombies," which won last year.

The deadline for entries into the 2nd Annual Arkansas Music Video Competition is fast approaching. The event, a part of the Little Rock Film Festival, culminates with a concert and a showcase of the semi-finalist videos at Revolution on May 16 during the festival.

Last year, Techno-Squid Eats Parliament headlined the gig, which was a big deal for some nostalgic locals. But this year organizers say they're angling for a name that will be a big deal to everyone.

The submission deadline is March 1, but if you pay a little bit steeper entry fee, you can enter March 13.

So a complete rundown of the rules below.   Rules are simple for the music video competition.
1.    Either the director, or the band, MUST live in or is at least from Arkansas, meaning childhood, high-school, etc. or a resident of more than 2 years to qualify.
2.    Length under 15 minutes recommended. (exceptions made for excellence)
3.    Any genre of music is accepted. Any.
4.    Submit 2 normal DVD’s  (highest quality you can)
5.    Label DVD entries professionally, including: Artist, director, track title.
6.    Enter as many times as you would like.
7.    Entries must be postmarked by 3.01.09 deadline, or in office downtown by 5pm. (Late DEAD-line Friday 13th (scary) of March by 5pm)
8.    Video can be rated “R” but not “X”, or any worse please.
9.    Video must be playable on normal DVD players.
10.    Entries must include profile sheet with:
a.    name of band, and all band members, seen or unseen
b.    name of track
c.    name of director(s)
d.    name(s) of any actors or principal staff
e.    contact info for band and director(s), two Arkansas addresses, two emails,  and at least two phone numbers
f.    production date(s) and location(s)
g.    simple signed release of the submission(s) to LRFF for screening & promotional use
h.    $10 per submission (2 DVDs)
i.    $20 late submission (2 DVDs)

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