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Round three goes to the See



Photo by Brian Chilson.

In our most diverse Showcase night yet — how bout a lil' hard rock, electro-pop, indie rock and R&B — the crowd ebbed and flowed. There were clear attachments, but even without the audience chanting their name, the new-ish band the See took home the third round on the strength of really well-crafted songs. Just three dudes—guitar, bass, drums and a little keyboard. But they packed a wallop.

Here's what our judges had to say about them:


"Atmospheric, non-formulaic, passionate—the way indie rock was meant to be played. That last song ("La La La") stole my heart and then broke it."

Guest Judge Rob Bell

"The more they played, the more I liked them. Rousing performance. Solid musicianship. Acheived an expansive sound for a tight three-piece."

    Nicole Boddington

"I really liked the energy and passion they put in their performance. Great stage presence and good songs. My favorite drummer of the competition so far!"

    Jason Tedford

"I love this band. Dylan is the perfect foil to Joe. They're the oddball couple of local indie rock."

   Jason Weinheimer

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