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Building a Better Buffet.



It's been interesting to watch the evolution of the buffet and offerings over the years at the Golden Corral in North Little Rock.  Once your typical meat-and-potatoes restaurant, Golden Corral keeps reinventing itself -- offering lots of choices that aren't ordinary.  For instance, along with the pot roast and fried shrimp, you'll find rotisserie chicken quarters, baked fish, and barbeque hand-pulled pork.  Alongside corn on the cob and mashed potatoes are healthier options like steamed beans, steamed zucchini and squash, and steamed broccoli.  And of course there's the grill, which produces mini hamburgers and grilled chicken at lunch and Applewood bacon-wrapped steaks, chicken, and pork loin at dinner.  And there's salad and soup and pizza -- and of course, dessert (check out more food porn on the jump).

Buffets, indeed, have become far more than matters of loss-leaders and fillers.  Whereas 30 years ago there wasn't much more than Brown's Country Buffet (still quite legendary in its own right) around Central Arkansas, you can't throw an eggroll without striking a Chinese buffet or a piece of Texas toast for all-you-can-eat country fare today.  With the plethora of available options, what's your favorite area buffet?  Good prices?  Favorite dish?  Share and care.


Golden Corral's dessert selections are far greater than the average set of cobblers and ice cream machines.  Choices range from several chocolate-punching cakes to top-bakery-worthy pies, such as the baked apple and coconut cream pies pictured above.  There are also heart-healthy offerings, too, such as a blueberry pie that tastes sinful (but which is easy on the waistline) and chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  And if you must resort to ice cream, there's a full flavor festival of add-ins for the day's four flavors.  You'll find Golden Corral at 5001 Warden Road in North Little Rock, or call (501) 771-4605.  And for more on the chain, check out the franchise website.

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