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UCA student advances on 'American Idol'



A UCA business major inspired the new judge on "American Idol" to do one of those eyes-closed, head-shake, smell-moves that people often do when they're on camera to signify that they're "feeling it" last night  en route to picking up a golden ticket to Hollywood. Kris Allen (link corrected), 23, of Little Rock moved on based on his version of Leon Russell's "A Song for You."

I know Allen's played out a lot in the last several years, but I've never seen him. Anyone out there a fan?

What's up with his MySpace being stripped of music? Old material not good enough for the world, Kris?

UPDATE: Two fans respond! And are dismayed about my MySpace crack. According to them, all "AI" contestants are required to remove music from their pages. I can't find the rule online. If it is a rule, it's almost certainly a new one because on a whole 'nother blog a couple years back, I remember being able to listen to tracks.

But I'm not hating. I just want to hear more than 15 seconds from Mr. Allen.

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