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Steak and Eggs, Lilly's Style.



Lilly's DimSum ThenSome is a popular favorite with Arkansas Times readers, and there are many good reasons for that.  The hip-suave music and calming decor is a good start.  The primo service advances that.  And of course, there's the food.

Dropping by for a late lunch, my dining companion and I opted to start with delicious and refreshing Oolong Tea ($3 for two)... there's something about the scent of Oolong that makes me think classy oriental, so that was a bonus.  We also went for the Cashew Chicken Spring Rolls ($6.29) -- four savory chock-full-of-chicken & nuts rolls with a delicious hearty sweet sou sauce great for sharing.

For me?  I have been craving steak and something exotic, and the Korean Bibim Bop ($11.99) hit the spot.  Layers of flavor show why Lilly's is a perennial favorite -- with grilled savory sweet steak over spicy marinated cabbage and vegetables over sweet and spicy organic brown rice topped with a soft-cooked egg and sesame seeds -- so many different flavors and textures, so little time.  And oh so good.

Of course, if you leave without dessert, that's your own fault -- and while the Wonton Sundae comes highly recommended, I think it's a crying shame if you don't try the Creme Brule ($5.99).  I especially like how it's served in a shallow dish -- because more surface area equals more crispy carmelized sugar goodness.

For those who might not know where to find it, Lilly's DimSum ThenSome is in the Market Place Shopping Center next to Amruth Indian Cuisine (that's at 11121 North Rodney Parham, for you out-of-towners).  Call ahead to (501) 716-2700 or check out the restaurant's website for more information.


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