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Last night: Off Center and 610


If half the city's reveling population isn't hung over this morning after raising the roof during the grand opening of Norman Jones' two new entertainment venues, then they probably will be tomorrow. Or the next day. Assuming last night's turnout at Off Center and its sister martini bar 610, less than 50 yards away, is any indication of what things may come, then brace yourselves, people. Opening its doors at 7 p.m., Off Center was standing room only by 7:30 and about six deep at the bar when Cody Belew and Company took the stage and rocked a capacity crowd. Same at 610, minus the band. Even once the initial novelty wears off, which still may be awhile, it's a safe bet that on any given night except Sunday, patrons will be seen trekking back and forth between the two joints. 

Paul Peterson

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