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Billy Bob and co., debauched


Mildly NSFW.

In news about another Arkie-connected new movie we won't be able to see for another six months, a film adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis' short story collection "The Informers" debuts at Sundance next week. It stars everyone: Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Winona Ryder, Chris Isaak, Brad Renfro (in his last role), Amber Heard, Lou Taylor Pucci and Billy Bob Thornton.

Like previous Ellis adaptations, it's bound to debauched as hell. Heard ("Pineapple Express") apparently spends most of the film nude. Copious coke use promises to figure in. We'll keep our fingers crossed that Billy Bob's bare ass doesn't show up.

The brass associated with the film acknowledge it's likely to spark controversy. In the Sunday NY Times, an exec admitted, "I know it will be polarizing, it isn’t for everyone.”

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