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The perfect fry



My wife has awarded me a golden hall pass to attend meetings of the Audio Visual Club and a gold leaf cluster for dorkiness for producing this video with my little Flip camera of our visit to a museum to the fried potato in Bruges, Belgium.

If you didn't know, the Belgians claim to have invented what we call the French, or freedom, fry. It's the national food, served everywhere in copious quantities, with mayonaise the preferred condiment. (Andalusian, a sweet and spicy blend with mayo was my favorite). The secret to a crisp potato is simple. You fry it twice, preferably in beef tallow.

The national obsession has spawned a fry museum in the picturesque canal city of Bruges. Check out my filmed visit. The editing is not so hot and, at 3 minutes or so, it's a little long, I'd be the first to admit. For other obsessives only.

But why doesn't anyone in LR do fries this way?

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