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Going Dutch



I'm in Amsterdam and will head to Brussels later in the week. I've always said you can travel or take pictures, but not both. I still think that's true. But with tiny digital cameras, you can grab some quick snaps. As I did at lunch today in the fine old restaurant in the Amsterdam central station, a wood-paneled room that once was a lounge for first-class rail passengers.

Ellen had an apple pancake.


I had something I'd seen on pub menus all over town -- ossoworst. It sounded like sausage. How bad could it be. The waiter tried to warn me off. Said it was "raw sausage." Sure enough. Though it looks and tastes a great deal like salami, the texture indicated the meat was uncooked. Live and learn. The wild mushroom soup close by was great. So was the Grolsch.


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