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Take Out Time.



There are certain times of the year where sitting down to a table with family is important.  What follows within a matter of days (and sometimes hours) is the incredible urge to let someone else cook.

For us, it's the day after Christmas, a time to pull out the menus and see what take-out offering is tempting.  Tonight, we went for Pei Wei, with its reasonable prices and decent sized portions.  The hubster went for the Spicy Korean Beef ($8.25), while I chose the Honey Seared Chicken ($7.75), and we split an order of spring rolls ($3.75 for two or $6.95 for six).  His order had a nice spicy bite and lots of carrots, while mine spoke more to the comfort food arena.  The rice was fluffy -- exactly what you don't look for when pulling out the chopsticks -- but the spring rolls were delicious and light with a solid whap of ginger, decently refreshing in an appetizer usually served grease-engaged.

There are a good number of take-out options in Central Arkansas.  Whether it's the six-pack from Mexico Chiquito, spuds from McAlister's, pies from Damgoode or U.S. Pizza Co. or a sauce-soaked family pack from Sim's, the choices are varied and widespread.  So, now that the relatives are heading home and turkey leftovers are beginning to become tiresome, we'd like to know -- what's your favorite take-out?  Share your take-away treasure in our comment section.

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