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Monday mealtime



Another report from the kitchen of Joel DiPippa:

Dinner called.  Brownie points to whoever can figure out what wacky theme was running through my head.

The couscous was cooked in a little butter with garlic and onions with just a dash of dry (French) vermouth.  And a dash of salt and pepper.

The pork chops, a breakfast cut for quicker cooking, were braised in a similar butter, red onion, and garlic base with a can of crushed tomatoes and Hungarian paprika added. And a dash of salt and pepper.

The light carmelization of the onions came through nicely in both components of the dish.  The Hungarian paprika added just a hint of heat while the vermouth put a nice depth into the dish.  Because I used the thin breakfast cut of the pork chops, this took about 5 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes of cooking time. 

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