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We've reported that Sims BBQ is moving from its original location at 33rd and State to a shopping center at Roosevelt and Broadway. Time marches on and all, but many of us lament the loss of the original setting. A rack of ribs, a 40, Tyrone Davis on the box and the nonpareil smoky perfume combine for a transcendent LR experience. Add Skip Rutherford to those sad about progress:

Friends: Sim’s famous location on the 33rd street will close Saturday in preparation of its move to a new and large location in the shopping center at Broadway and Roosevelt. While the new location will no doubt have its advantages including more space and parking, I’ll sure miss the original spot. 

From the unique welcoming sign on the door, to great meals, to a diverse lunch crowd, to picking up barbecue for President Clinton for Air Force One dining, to hosting a wedding party for Clarke Tucker, the 33rd Street location has been one of my favorite spots and certainly one of the places in Little Rock where the “locals” take our guests.  I’ll certainly adjust to the new Sim’s, but I’ll miss 33rd street

You have through Saturday December 13 to pay tribute to Sim’s as we currently know it. Pass the word.

Though in tough economic times, I’m glad to see Sim’s expanding,  unlike “Coca Cola Classic”, I don’t think we’ll see this one ever come back in its original form.



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