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One of my earliest memories involves a doughnut shop and my dad.  We'd go down on Saturday mornings and sit down for our regular order.  Since coffee was free, we'd both get a cup.  I didn't like the bitter drink, but I learned to love the doughnut holes I soaked in java.

As an adult, I find my doughnut tastes creep towards the more doughy, less sugary doughnuts -- as if there were a choice between sugary and non-sugary doughnuts.  My favorite local shops would be the Shipley's chain, though I also adore Community Bakery and the flower-shaped doughnuts at Golden Corral.  Krispy Kreme got a lot of attention when the store opened over on Shackleford, and I have friends who swear by those hot-off-the-presses rings.  One friend of mine says none of them compare with Pine Bluff favorite Irish Maid.

So what sort of doughnuts do you dunk?  Do you prefer traditional or cake?  Long Johns or Bear Claws?  And where's your favorite place to head for holes?  Share your comments and thoughts.

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