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Cold Weather, Hot Pizza.



With the cold front coming in, it's a good idea to warm yourself both inside and out.  U.S. Pizza Company has several options, including the popular Dave's Favorite (pictured above) and the extremely hot Trey's Chloroplast Blast that'll do the trick.  Pies are on a handthrown thin crust, with plenty of options -- including lots of different specialty pizzas and one of the more complete listings of available toppings in Central Arkansas -- including zucchini, yellow squash, spinach, purple onions, and Feta cheese. 


But if you're looking for a real bargain, go for the Stuffy Stix.  They come in full orders (4) or half orders (2).  They're breadsticks split lengthwise and stuffed with cheese and your choice of topping.  I tend to go for the meatball -- which is served up with marinara for dipping.  All the joys of a meatball sandwich, without extemporaneous dressings or veggies. 

A hint -- if you're ordering a Fresh Green Salad, you need to specify what you want on said salad.  Without that, you get a pile of lettuce and Bacos.  They'll put all sorts of good stuff on there from the garden if you do remember to ask 

Eight locations around town.  Check out the U.S. Pizza Company website for more information.

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