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The other red meat



I agree with Joel DiPippa. Lamb chops are just good. And Kroger is offering them more often of late. (I might argue that butterflied, marinated [olive oil, lemon juice, soy sauce, garlic, rosemary], grilled leg of lamb is even better.)

Lamb chops just taste good.  There is an earthy complexity to their meatiness that is truly tasty.  And if you look for the mini-sized chops, you will save a little money and they are often easier to find than the full sized chops.

Another quick lunch at home:  A quarter of a small onion is sliced and dropped into a pat of butter with a smashed garlic clove.  Meanwhile, as the onions soften, a steamer is made from putting the colander on top of a pot of water with a few more smashed garlic cloves and Worcestershire sauce.  The green beans go into the collander to steam and the rice goes into the onions and butter for a pilaf.  The lamb chops got a quick dusting of salt and pepper.

The cast iron skillet gets up to heat and after about 10 minutes, the chops go down.  About 3 minutes later, the chops get flipped.  2-3 after that the chops come out to the cutting board for a rest.  The rice and the beans only have about 5-6 minutes left.

Plating to make it look nice - Rice in the middle, a nice covering of beans, and a few lamb chops that got a little more cracked pepper.

That is a nice lunch.

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