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As every blog and music magazine and retail outlet starts to unveil year-end lists, two Arkansas-tied artists look primed to be pretty ubiquitous. Adopted Arkie Hayes Carll, who went to Hendrix and often writes about the Natural State, garnered raves for his third release, "Trouble in Mind," including this one from us, and he's country enough to give the assembling music nerds warm feelings of diversity, but alt enough for them to stay at arm's length from Nashville country, which despite recent anti-rockist strides, still hasn't made inroads with the nation's critics on anywhere the same level as, say, rap.

And Al Green, 'course from Forrest City, managed to shed that tendency of aging soul icons to use a lot of synthesizers, instead opting for stripped down arrangements that put his rangy vocals up front where they belong. It too got raves. Including (plug, plug) this one.

I'm betting Reverend Al features on every broadly encompassing list and Carll makes about half. Maybe a few more. Former Times staffer N-Bodd3000 points out that Amazon's unveiled its editor's list, which includes Carll (#9) and Green (#4). To give you a fuller sense of the wisdom of the editors of Amazon, Kings of Leon top the chart.

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