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Music geeks, rejoice. The dude behind the epic mix of post-punk released in 1981 (nearly 350 artists spread across nearly 400 tracks) has started an mp3 blog, Musicophilia, and it looks like he'll be posting all of eight or nine individual mixes that make up the set.

Soundslike, as he calls himself, used to live here, and a handful of us were lucky enough to get hard copies before he moved away to Portland. Perhaps only second to the first volume of Stax singles, I can't think of anything I've listened to more in the last three or four years.

In addition to the 1981 mixes, there's several from a post-punk series that gathers songs two minutes or less and several from a series, "Le Tour du Monde," that seems focussed on encompassing the broadest range of sounds possible.


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