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Sunday To-Do: Junior Brown


"Highway Patrol"

6 p.m., Revolution. $15.

“Keep it country, son.” That's what Junior Brown heard from his idol Ernest Tubb early in his career. Nearly two decades later, Brown's still work-ing in blues, Western swing, surf, Tex-Mex and rock 'n' roll into his music, but he remains country to the core. Always in a suit, with a cowboy hat tipped high and his “guit-steel” (a combination six-string guitar and lap steel) in hand, the man's got a reputation for putting on a mean show. As a picker, his dexterity is almost unrivaled (he regularly moves between six-string and steel several times during a song). His voice, too, a deep, rich twang that belies his Indiana roots, can sell sentiment just as well as irony. Look for plenty of the latter in classics like “Highway Patrol,” “My Wife Thinks You're Dead” and “My Baby Don't Dance to Nothing But Ernest Tubb.” Little Rock's honky-tonk heroes the Salty Dogs open the show, which because of local blue laws will be over some-time before 10 p.m.

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