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Woo pig! Cabernet!


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So this is interesting. Razorback Wine Works “Hog Red” Cabernet Sauvignon has hit the shelves just in time football season. (And from what I understand from friends who pay attention to sports, just in time to drown your sorrows in a glass.)

It is a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon made in Santa Rosa, California. It’s a typical Cab from California: Oak and vanilla on the nose with earthy black fruit on the palate. But we all know, no one is buying this wine for its delicate nuances and the way it pairs with a filet mignon. I’m trying not to think of this one too far beyond the bottle. It’s obviously something that’s cute and fun and best of all, 5% of all of the revenue from the sale of this wine goes to Arkansas educational institutions. Super. It’s retailing for around $16.00.


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