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David Gordon Green gets animated



Even if his career, until recently, said otherwise, LR native David Gordon Green's never been all that invested in indie cinema. Sure, he's focused almost solely on projects that allowed him unfettered creative control and allowed for a fair amount of improvisation — hallmarks of indie cinema to be sure — but even in 2003, when I interviewed him in advance of "Undertow," he was talking about how bummed he was that his treatment for a Fat Albert movie didn't make the cut. "Pineapple Express" shouldn't have come as a surprise. Nor, I guess, should it that Green is going to be writing and executive producing a new animated series for Fox with the guys behind "The Life and Times of Tim" on HBO. No word on when it'll debut, but Variety reports that it's about “two high school surfer dudes living near the beach in California.”

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