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Harvest Fest in review


Korto's head is a globe of light.

If you missed Harvestfest Fest, you missed a solidly kick-ass music line-up, starting with the Salty Dogs country-fying the Beatles "Get Back" (that was the end of the beginning, but whatever) and ending with the Winston Family Orchestra's girl-group bounce, augmented by a bubble machine.

Kids were everywhere. Dancing on stage. Petting dogs. Doing minor skate board tricks. Saying things like "rock 'n' roll has no soul" into the microphone (it was a mistake; "rock 'n' roll will save your soul" followed pretty quickly).

There was chili, which you can hear and see above in our video player.

And, of course, there was fashion. Hundreds packed around the stage down Kavanaugh to get a look. Tweens and younger had the best seats, gathered around the runway, chins resting on the edge. They were there less for the headliner than to root Augusta Fitzgerald, the 11-year-old designer who's shown at at least three Box Turtle fashion shows. She continues to impress. Bright colors. Good fits. Spunk. Korto, of course, came last. She spoke, effusively, about how important local support, from Box Turtle, and Little Rock more broadly had been to her success. I was close to the stage, but as you'll see above, the light's weren't really in my favor. Also, I ran out of juice on the last two models.

Bonus: Video of Korto's collection from the Bryant Park runway show, with commentary from someone from Newsday who thinks they're on "Project Runway." Same music.

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