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Totally Michael is a one-man band out of Bloomington, but originally from Cabot, who specializes in syrupy sweet dance-anthems about cheerleaders and prom and Winona Ryder. He counts Blink 182 (unironically, it would seem) and Soophie Nun Squad as major influences. His concerts, many of which have been here, are all about crowd participation, costumes, wearing short shorts, reverting to childhood and other similarly Soophie-ish wild-out behavior.

On Oct. 14, I Heart Comix will release his self-titled debut. To support that, he'll tour with Adult Swim's MC Chris. Surprisingly — since he's been here so much in recent years — there aren't any immediate gigs scheduled for Central Ark.

Stream the album on the jump.
Totally Michael - S/T


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