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Home alone Part II



Joel DiPippa files a second report on the pleasure of being able to dash home for lunch and put a little verve in the cooking at the same time.

I continue to try to make lunch more than just food, but something memorable.  Building on my ability to quickly get home for lunch, and the fact that there was a good half pound of flat-iron steak left I went for more with gusto.

As soon as I got home, a pot of water with some Worcestershire sauce and garlic cloves went onto the stove with the green beans in a colander above to steam. Then I sliced "pocket steaks," my name for flat-iron medallions, to a nice thickness and got them on the cast-iron skillet.  It took a little bit of patience, but I was rewarded.

The green beans were done and the steak was on top of them to rest.  I did not waste the time.  Instead, I deglazed the skillet with some vermouth (bought by the fifth for cooking purposes) and added some butter and lemon juice.  Freshly minced garlic and a handful of chopped parsley went in to absorb the last bit of heat.

Plated and enjoyed for lunch. 

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