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Lunch for one



Cooking Joel DiPippa writes about a pleasure of life in LR that's not easily matched in most big cities -- dashing home for a home-cooked lunch.

Lunches seem to be underappreciated these days. I am fortunate enough to live a few minutes from work so I can run home for lunch.  Earlier this week, I thought a nice sliced steak sandwich would be really tasty.

I set the bread to toast while I carmelized some onions.  While this was working, I sliced thing strips from the flat iron steak purchased for lunch duties this week.  The steak got a quick sear in a sautee pan and a dab of vermouth was added to the onions.  I layered this onto the toasted bread, spread with some stone ground mustard and colby jack cheese.

Prepped and cooked in about 20 minutes, and eaten even faster!

Even with a busy life, tasty food should never be out of reach.

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