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UPDATE: Mi Ranchito


MI RANCHITO We were surprised to see how this old restaurant spot has been transformed into a spacious, colorful and comfortable new Mexican establishment. But it could be even better without the blaring TV tuned to soccer games on the Spanish network like almost all other Mexican places. We skipped the mundane white cheese dip. And probably would have skipped on the watery, very mild salsa if not for wanting to dip our basket of chips into something. The rest of the meal was somewhat better. An order of beef and chicken fajitas was a hit. Two in our group touted it was the best they've had. Even beating out their favorite, Juanita's. We also tried a beef burrito, enchilada and tamale combo plate that comes with no rice and beans, which is fine with us. The combo was drenched with a very mild, almost flavorless "special" sauce. In spite of that, the tamale was a stand out. It was the largest and best we've had, made with seasoned ground beef rolled in thick tasty corn meal. 1520 Market St., Ste. 100, 223-5414, full bar, CC, LD, daily, $-$$.

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