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Friday To-Do: Lord T & Eloise and Al Kapone



Al Kapone.

9 p.m., Revolution.

Regular visitors to Sticky Fingerz and Revolution, Memphis' Lord T & Eloise have spent the last year honing a new genre: aristo-crunk. Combining heavy low-end with samples of tympani and gothic choirs and lyrical references to the upper crust (the social pages, Sperry topsiders, stock market fluctuations), the duo knows that a good back-story and a refined look go a long way. According to their MySpace page, “Lord T and Maurice Eloise XIII are twins born into the richest family in the universe. Lord T was born with white tendril hair, befitting a man of leisure. Maurice Eloise XIII was born with 24-Karat Gold skin, a genetic mutation caused by generations of inbreeding Royal blood from different aristocratic families of the intergalactic realm.” To that end, Lord T wears a long, flowing powder wig, and Eloise paints his face gold. The beats usually hit pretty hard and the duo's lyrics, for all their silliness, are clever. Increasingly, the duo is transcending the joke-rap margins. Memphis rap legends Skinny Pimp and 8ball guest on new songs and Spin and Blender have written glowingly about the regal rappers.

And one of the Memphis underground's finest is a late addition to the bill. Known for for writing and producing "Whoop That Trick" for "Hustle and Flow" and co-writing Lil Jon's "Snap Yo Fingers," Al Kapone comes to town on the strength of recent singles "Poppin Tags" and "We On Deck."

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