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Johnny Cash gets remixed


Johnny Cash feat. Candy- Sugartime. I'm pretty sure this isn't official.

Speaking of marring legacies, have you heard about the Johnny Cash remix album that Snoop Dogg, Beyonce's dad and John Carter Cash are producing? It's 20 Sun-era Cash tracks — songs like "Get Rhythm," "Big River" and "I Walk the Line" — remixed by producers from around the world. Bigish names like DJ Quick, Large Professor and Apparat. And then folks like Kennedy, above, who according to promo material is "a cornerstone in the new UK music movement called DirtyPop;" frequent Moby collaborator Count de Money and Mexican Institute of Sound, who're featured on EA's "Fifa 2008"!

It's out Oct. 14 on Compadre.

You can listen to three samples here.

I'm not convinced this is going to be awful. I don't think it's heretical to take classic roots material and mash it with contemporary sounds. I think I'm one of the few who liked most of the Fat Possum remix records that caused so many dyed in the wool blues fans to crow. But the song from the video above and the samples don't sound very promising.

One site's already pushing the heretical charge:

John Carter Cash and Compadre Records must have decided Johnny Cash’s memory and music weren’t worth respecting anymore. They were probably just thinking of easy profits when they decided to release 20 of Cash’s songs recorded on Sun records but remixed into a garbage-sounding album.

Which provoked a defense from John Carter Cash:

Well Well! I knew this would happen. I bring to the table exhibit number one. Have any of you heard my father's version of "The Time of the Preacher" for the Willie Nelson tribute twisted Willie? Rascalita, who exactly is "they"? Please. My father was a rebel and quite open minded about music.

Via Idolator.

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