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Obviously, if you are reading this blog, you love food. You think about it, you read about it, you probably even dream about it. As foodies, we care deeply about our food and where it comes from. We wonder about the farms that produce what we eat. We wonder about the chefs that can create dishes that we only wish we could make ourselves. But how often do we wonder about who is serving our food?  Well, Meet Your Waiter hopes to change all that. Here, we will highlight those unsung heroes of the restaurant biz, without which your food would never get from that brilliant chef in the kitchen all the way to your table. Some things you learn about them may surprise you. Other things you may have had pegged the minute you laid on eyes on them. Either way, meet your waiter this week:


Name: Hannah Burton

Age: 20

Where she works: Gusano’s Chicago Style Pizzeria, server

Favorite dish she serves: The Hula Pizza. The name implies that the pizza has something to do with Hawaii, but it doesn’t. It’s named after one of the owners, whose nickname is Hula. It is a traditional crust pizza with ranch dressing instead of pizza sauce. It is topped with Chicken, spinach, mushrooms, and onions.  

Best part about waiting tables: “Downtown has such a fast pace”, she says. “You meet so many different people.” Also, working at sports bar is just up Hannah’s alley. She is really looking forward to the upcoming football season. 

What you may not know: Hannah has been in 10 car wrecks in 4 years! One of which involved a drunk driver. Her car was totaled and she broke her shoulder and tore muscles in her back. Now, when she’s serving a table drinks, she always asks who’s driving.

Her future plans: Hannah is a speech pathology major at UCA. Her goal is to work with handicapped children.

If you want your favorite waiter profiled here, leave a comment and let me know where they work and why they are awesome.



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