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Trailer gazing: 'With Angels'



Demozette editor Werner Trieschmann is helping pen a new web series for Strike TV, a web channel that emerged in the wake of the writer's strike. The series, "With Angels," is based on characters from "Church of God's Glorious Light," a play Trieschmann wrote years ago and then, with the help of screenwriter Mary Feuer, adapted into a screenplay. Trieschmann said that the screenplay generated some interest some years ago, but eventually didn't go anywhere.

As you'll see in the trailer above, the show revolves around a young woman from Arkansas struggling to find her place in Venice, California. Her faith in God figures prominently. Feuer, who recently served as head writer for the web phenomenon "lonelygirl15," brings that same kind of video-blog style storytelling to "Angels." The lead actors, too, will be familiar to fans of "lonelygirl."

Trieschmann says the show is set to premier later this month or early September.

I'll let you know when I get a more specific date.

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