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Woo pork III



John DiPippa completes his pork loin trilogy:

The series of pork loin breakdowns continues, this time with a heaping load of veggies! This started with a classic Italian recipe with one onion sliced and softened in a pan.  While the onion was softening, I took the time to practice my knife skills on a few pounds of zucchinis. The zucchinis were added to the pan and given a quick pinch of salt and pepper.  About a pound of the pork loin was then cut into medium sized cubes and placed in a second pan to brown. 

As the zucchini began to brown and soften to the appropriate level, I added a little bit of tomato paste and vinegar to the pork cubes.  This put a really nice flavor and color on the pork before being placed over the steaming hot zucchini and onions.

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