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Not Just for Toast


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I’m not even sure if I should even say this but… I don’t really care for peaches.  I can hear the collective gasp from all of the Eat Arkansas readers. I know. I know. I’m a freak of nature. I’m not even really sure why I don’t like them. Maybe the peach fuzz weirded me out when I was kid and that made me steer clear of them ever since. I’m really not sure. However, if I am anything, it’s open minded—especially when it comes to food.  I am always willing to give something a second (and even a third and sometimes a forth) chance. So, at the urging of the clerk at BJ’s Produce I bought a peach spread made by House of Webster in Rogers, Arkansas.  You know what I learned? You don’t necessarily have to have to like peaches to like this peach spread. (Or maybe I learned that I’ve actually liked peaches all along but I just didn’t know it. Who knows? ) Whatever the case, the spread was really good and it got my culinary wheels turning.  After trying it on toast, I tried mixing it with yogurt and wheat germ for breakfast. That was really good. I have since used it to make a glaze for grilled chicken and now I am trying to incorporate it into everything. Just for the sake of conversation, what would you use it for?

House of Webster makes a whole slew of products right here in Arkansas. I hope to feature more of them in the future, once I’ve exhausted my new peach fascination.


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