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Ne-Yo is not ready to subject his hands to guitar playing


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Camden native and casually hilarious R&B superstar Ne-Yo recently talked to Vulture about his failed attempt to learn to play guitar.

"They didn't tell me that learning to play the guitar hurts. Your fingers bleed and they cramp. I was like, 'This is not sexy. I do not like this.'... Playing guitar is not the hottest thing. And then when you shake a person's hand, you've got sandpaper hands. No, thank you."

And about recently being recruited by Michael Jackson to write songs for his comeback album.

According to Ne-Yo, Jackson himself called to get him onboard. "I actually hung up on him because I thought someone was playin'," he said. "'Who's this?' [high voice] 'This is Michael Jackson.' Click. Then his representative called back. 'This is Peter Lopez. I have Michael Jackson on the phone.' And I was like, 'Oh my God. Are you serious?' And then I apologized for the next ten minutes. Any comedian who has ever made fun of Michael Jackson was right on. Sad but true. He does have a very high, not very manly voice."

More via Vulture.

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