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Woo, pork




Joel DiPippa is back.

A few weeks ago, I bought a pork loin as my main protein for the week and decided to see what I would do with it before the week was out.  First up was a fairly simple preparation: Always present kitchen components, onions and garlic went into a pan with a little bit of butter to soften and carmelize a bit.  A few medallions, about 3-4 ounces  each, were given a light dusting  of salt and pepper before going into the cast iron skillet.  The red sauce is a standard quick and easy red sauce I make at home, with just a touch of  Monk Sauce to keep me on my toes.  Once the onions were mostly soft with some nice flavor, they went into the middle of the plate and were stretched across while the sauce crossed the other way.  The medallions, off the heat, out of the pan, and resting for a few minutes, were plated and the result was delicious.

Looks great. I'd get a loaf of Boulevard Bread instead, however.

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