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New Health Food Store in Little Rock



Imagine if a GNC, a Whole Foods, and a medical supply store had a child. It would look a lot like the small health food store that has recently opened on S. Bowman. It’s kind of a strange little place because in addition to organic groceries and vitamins they also carry medical supplies. (Huh?) For this reason, the store operates under two names: Cook’s Unimed and Cook’s Natural Market. Regardless of how odd the concept is, they have products that I’ve been looking for for a while, but can never seem to find. Organic hotdogs to name one. (My kid loves them.) The owner, Jerry Cook, has another store, called Jerry’s Unimeds, in Rogers and this Bowman location is his first effort to branch out. Cook makes his own sausage and has all the meat (which is all naturally raised and hormone free) butchered at the main store in Rogers. He then ships the meat from the Rogers store to the Little Rock location. In addition to staples like chicken and beef, they also carry elk, buffalo and several types of seafood. They have a wide selection of gluten free foods, juices and juice concentrates, ice creams and gelatos, essential oils and extracts and a heck of a lot more. There is long empty refrigerated shelf along one side of the store, which the manager promises will soon be stocked with organic produce and dairy products. Once that happens, they will have the official grand opening. In the mean time, it’s worth checking out the store and the website, which has a lot of health food info.

801 S. Bowman Rd.
Little Rock, AR 72211

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