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Plug: The latest Oxford American



The third installment of the Oxford American's "Best of" series is on newsstands now. You can pick it up at Wordsworth, the Cox Center and Barnes and Noble.

I haven't had a chance to read much of the issue, though from the few things I've thumbed through, Paul Reyes' ode to a cat shelter, a cat-house, in Memphis, particularly stood out. But I can wholeheartedly recommend the companion DVD, assembled by Times contributor Derek Jenkins. It's a mixture of skewed takes on famous Southerners (rehearsal footage from Elvis' comeback special; young Johnny Cash playing a villain in scene from a B-movie), weird, old slapstick (an amazing Betty Boop cartoon and an early scene from a terrifically trippy Mary Pickford movie), Southern indies (the scenes from Kentucker Audler's mumblecore-ish "Team Picture" are incredibly promising). Plus, there's unseen Big Star footage, compiled here for a music video for "Thank You Friends." Even the familiar material, the Renaud brothers' "Off to War" and "The Rough South of Larry Brown" works incredibly well in the context of this DVD mix.

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