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Last Night: Who knew the importance of fresh produce?


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The kale and sliced cherry tomatoes are KEY.

Episode 1: The first half hour was all meet and greet and shit-talking to the camera (ever a hallmark of the competitive reality show). There is an unfashionable-looking middle-aged father; several, hipsterish young ladies; a Joan Jett stand-in, who designs leathery clothes for rockstars that seem to always either be assless or crotchless; an obsessive tanner named Layne, whose fashion must is "Neon anything!" and who says "Holla at your boy!" way too much and a young Marc Jacobs designer who favors short dress shorts with dress shoes. And Korto (!), who we immediately forgave for saying, "I've been in every magazine in Little Rock. Now it's time for me to conquer the real market!"

The second half hour went to the challenge, a repeat from season one, where everyone has a limited amount of cash to buy materials from a supermarket, from which they're to fashion a dress. So there's some frenzied shopping spree shots and a lot of sewing and gluing and talking. This, to someone with only a passing interest in fashion, is surprisingly compelling stuff. Obviously, creativity abounds. One dude, the MacGyver of the class, puts together a pretty cool looking cocktail number solely with blue solo cups. But most people just use tableclothes, including Korto, which, we quickly learn, is tre boring. Oh how exciting it is to see egos, so big and bursting for the cameras before, deflate from critical jabs and in fits of self-doubts.

In the judging, Korto, whose dress is above, apparently comes in third. The judges say things like, "I love the fresh produce!" and "This was the right dress for the right girl and the right [something else I can't remember]!"

Next week's previews show her freaking out. I think she says, "I'm freaking out!" So I'll be waiting breathlessly for that.

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