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Another Place to Buy Locally



There is no reason to wait for Tuesday or Saturday to get fresh Arkansas produce. (Not that we don’t love love love the River Market!) There is a fabulous little farmer’s market that is open 6 days a week, and they sell many of the same Arkansas grown products.  It’s called BJ’s Plants & Produce, and it is located just off McCain in North Little Rock. Here is a map. My father has been singing the praises of this place for years, and now I know what he was talking about. Maybe I am jaded by the high cost of food these days, but BJ’s prices seem downright crazy (in a good way)! Here is small list of some of the Arkansas grown produce you can get there:
Zucchini: .99 cents/lb
Pecans (which they will shell for you): $1.49/lb
Tomatoes: $1.49/lb or a 20lb box for $19.00
Yellow squash: .99 cents/lb
Cucumbers: $1.49/lb
Peaches: $1.69/lb
Corn: 3 ears for $1
Cantaloupe: $1.99

And the list goes on and on. To even out their selection, they do carry some products grown elsewhere in the country, but they always try to keep it local and affordable. Today, I bought a big bag of grapes, four Arkansas tomatoes, a bag of peanuts, two mangos, three ears of Arkansas corn, and two cactus pears for $6.37. I don’t care who you are, THAT’S a good deal!

They even have a “Bargain Table”, where everything on the table is $1. And what’s on the table? Grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, cantaloupe, and often times, even more than that. Now, grant it, the “Bargain Table” items might be on their last leg, which is why they are there, but if you are looking for items to serve that night or even the next day, you just struck gold.

They also carry several lines of jams, jellies, relishes, honey, molasses, and pickled vegetables all made right here in The Natural State.

If you find yourself going that way, you should stop in and check it out for yourself. Even with these gas prices, it is worth the drive.

And, by the way, there is restaurant, “BJ’s Market Café” right next door. But that’s another blog.

B J Plants & Produce
47 Market Plz
North Little Rock, AR, 72117
Open Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm
Wednesdays 8am-5:30


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