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The headline is from an old saying about trying to dress up something you wouldn't think particularly apt for finery.

Joel DiPippa tries it with the poor college student's friend -- ramen noodles -- and likes the results.

I realized that I had shared anything in a month or more from the reminder about Jennie in Alaska and the new Eat Arkansas contributor.  I have a nice backlog I will try to share soon, but first a quick snack: 

Fancied up Ramen noodles.  A little butter and some onions and garlic went into a pot to which chicken stock was added.  The ramen noodles came from the store and went quickly into the briskly boiling stock.  The "flavor packet" went into a bag to be used later for a marinade or rub for a few pounds of beef or pork.  In the three minutes I had while the noodles cooked, I got a boneless, skinless chicken breast I out of the fridge.  It was cooked several days earlier and put in the fridge for just such a quick recipe.  A quick splash of balsamic vinegar and the chicken went into the noodles.  The chopped sage was the last touch to give it a bit more aroma and a little edge.

With the chicken precooked, this clocked in at less than 10 minutes of planning, prepping, cooking, and plating

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