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Sushi. Sherwood? Surprise!



When my parents called me up and told me that the new sushi restaurant that opened near their home in Sherwood was to die for, I was more than bit skeptical. I had been living in New York at the time, so in my very snotty New York way of thinking I thought that they must not know what they were talking about.  After all, Arkansas is a landlocked state. How would they even get fish fresh enough to eat raw? Then, I moved here, and as it turns out they couldn’t have been more right, and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Steakhouse and Sushi Bar on Kiehl Avenue is actually an incredible little restaurant.  Now, I go there so much, it’s almost embarrassing. Without fail, every time I go, I stuff myself to the point that I can barely move. Everything, from the fried rice to the hibachi to the sushi is phenomenal. I’m not sure how they make their fried rice, but whatever they do, they do it right. There are endless varieties of sushi to choose from so you can always try something new and never be disappointed.


I hesitate to even start naming my favorites because I might keep listing things until I have named everything on the menu, but here it is, and I will try to keep it short: the Crunchy Shrimp Roll (fried tempura crunchies with shrimp), the Eel Avocado roll (obviously eel and avocado but with a sauce that I can only imagine is made with oyster sauce, but I’m not sure), and the Philidephia Roll (tuna and cream cheese), and anything on the hibachi menu. The shrimps are always huge and fresh and even the chicken, which should be run of the mill, is outstanding. On top of that, the service is excellent and the prices are just right. The only complaint I have would be that the sake and liquor selection should be extended just a bit. To tell you the truth though, it wouldn’t make a difference for me. Less money on drinks and more money for sushi.

Sakura has two locations and a website. (*NOTE: I can only vouch for the Sherwood spot. I've never been to the Bryant location.)

4011 Kiehl Ave 
Sherwood, AR        

7307 Alcoa Rd
Bryant, AR           

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