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Friday To-Do: Hookers and Blow with Dizzy Reed



10 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. Cover TBA.

When James Lipton asked Sean Penn about his movies' entertainment value on “Inside the Actor's Studio,” Penn replied, “If it's enter-tainment you're looking for, grab a couple of hookers and an eight-ball.” Longtime Guns N' Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed apparently shares this philosophy, along with practically every Headbanger's Ball veteran who survived the debauchery inherent to 1980s hair bands — women at every corner and enough cocaine to alter the outcome of six Super Bowls. Perhaps Reed's current touring ensemble, Hookers N' Blow, represents an homage to surviving such reckless abandon. One of only two remaining G N' R members from the “Use Your Illusion” days who still hold a place on its unsteady roster, Reed, flanked by Hookers N' Blow, makes his way into Sticky Fingerz to administer a loading dose of G N' R tunes, as well as originals and a handful of well-known covers. Expect Reed to handle vocals and keys as well as guitars. Who would expect that Reed is additionally a fan of Christian music pioneer Larry Norman, that he recently scored music for “The Still Life” as well as “Celebrity Art Show,” or that he's tried his hand at acting, appearing as Mumbles in the 2005 film “Charlie's Death Wish”? To his credit, Reed was named Outstanding Keyboardist of the Year at the 2007 Rock City Awards (“Rockies”), and Hookers N' Blow was also named Best Cover Band. May be interesting to see why. —Paul Peterson

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