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Next week, the Brookyln Academy of Music presents a retrospective of all the films of LR native David Gordon Green. If you haven't seen Green's early films, "George Washington" and "All the Real Girls," you've been blowing it. Firmly in the lyrical, sort of aimless, naturalistic tradition of Terrence Malick, they're honest, funny and beautifully shot. And Zooey Deschanel is in "All the Real Girls." His later two, "Undertow" and "Snow Angels" are frustratingly uneven — there are great moments,  but both suffer from serious narrative problems. But as I've said about three hundred times herein, I'm counting on "Pineapple Express," Green's next effort, to be comic gold.

For all you Arkansas expats living in NYC, BAM is screening a preview of "Pineapple" at the end of the series.

In anticipation of next week, Vulture has Green's short film "Physical Pinball." It's good — very in the spirit of "George Washington."

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