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Looking good enough to eat



Former Times colleague Janie Ginocchio, now an editor at The Courier in Russellville, sends along a fine photo of some catering fare produced by her husband Billy.

I thought I'd share a photos of a light hors d'oeuvres display Billy did for a party a couple of weeks ago while he was in town on break from culinary school. The items are a variation on an opera cake: almond cake layered with lemon mousse, amaretto buttercream and white chocolate ganache; dry cured yellowfin tuna salad (with black olives, red onions and capers with a basil vinaigrette) stuffed in grape tomatoes; a Tuscan bean salad in Chinese spoons garnished with fried sage; and seared lamb and asparagus skewers topped with a balsamic reduction and shaved parmesano reggiano cheese.

Not pictured were the vegetable bundles of blanched haricot verts, carrots and white asparagus, cut and tied with chives.  These were served with a parmesan-cracked pepper dressing.

Enough with the pictures. Send a plate.

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