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Obviously, if you're reading this blog, you love food. You think about it, you read about it, you probably even dream about it. As foodies, we care deeply about our food and where it comes from. We wonder about the farms that produce what we eat. We wonder about the chefs that can create dishes that we only wish we could make ourselves. But how often do we wonder about who is serving our food?  Well, Meet Your Waiter hopes to change all that. Here, we will highlight those unsung heroes of the restaurant biz, without which your food would never get from that brilliant chef in the kitchen all the way to your table. Some things you learn about them may surprise you. Other things, you may have had pegged the minute you laid on eyes on them. Either way, meet your waiter this week:


Name: Joe Sundell (Right)

Age: 25

Where he works: Laughing Moon in Hillcrest

Favorite dish he serves: The turkey, avocado, and cheddar sandwich with potato salad.

Best part about waiting tables: Eating the leftovers customers leave behind. [We are relatively certain that this was a joke!]

What you may not know: Joe has a degree in Physics from Hendrix. [That's no joke.] He plays in a band called Damn Bullets that will be touring in New York City next week.

His future plans: To stop waiting tables and play music full-time.

If you want your favorite waiter profiled here, leave a comment and let me know where they work and why they are awesome.

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