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Gridley's moves west




Kat Robinson reports from the Arkansas highway:

Well, after six months of being empty, the Fudge Factory at Pickles Gap Village is open once more.  Better still, it's also the home of Gridley's BBQ -- a Memphis favorite branching out to Highway 65.  We stopped by on seeing the signs this morning -- and were shocked, SHOCKED that we happened to stumble in on the restaurant's opening day.  No matter.  Though the beef brisket wasn't available yet (it's marinating in its cola marinade) the chicken was smoky and delicious, and any barbecue connoisseur could find a good choice in one of the four sauces we were offered.  We'll be going back -- with my camera -- at some point in the near future.  The picture, by the way, is from my little cell phone.  Amazing technology, cell phones..

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