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UPDATE II: It's increasingly possible 'The Love Guru' will suck



UPDATE II: Phil responds! In great, great detail. Here's the main idea:

"[A] man goes to the movies and in the end the only question about a film like this one is: Is it funny? And I laughed. So it passes. Other people didn't, and I get that."

Then there are 1,000 more words. Some of which chide me for saying that an 85 is probably the highest score he's given anything since "No Country for Old Men." In fact, he's given like 20 higher scores since December. He includes a partial list. (Dude, an 87 for "Golden Compass"?) Others wonder why we didn't review the movie (We're running a review in this week's paper. Our deadline is noon on Tuesday, so obviously, we can't make Tuesday night advance screenings). And why I didn't see the movie before blogging (I'm waiting for a sleep-deprived 2 a.m. showing on HBO).

See the comment essay below.

: So critics continue to pile it on—A.O. Scott, writing in the New York Times, says, "'The Love Guru' is downright antifunny, an experience that makes you wonder if you will ever laugh again." But, ever the maverick, the Dem-Gaz's chief film critic Philip Martin scores it an 85, which might be the highest score he's given anything since "No Country For Old Men." The review itself is fairly tepid, but you have to read pretty far to get that. So: the nation's critics, on average, give it a 22 vs. Martin, who ranks it just 15 points from perfection. Wonder if Arkansas connections factor in?

EARLIER: As Vulture reports, "The Love Guru," the new Mike Myers comedy, co-penned by Conway's Graham Gordy, is getting abysmally bad reviews. Even lover-of- monumentally-bad-movies Harry Knowles hates it. It's at 11 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 24 on Metacritic.

Says Knowles in, "If Shit Got THE LOVE GURU On It, Shit Would Wipe It Off!" Mike Myers "puts a shotgun in the mouth of comedy and kills it."

  • "It's essentially unsuitable for even mildly discerning viewers of any age." NPR.
  • "Mostly it’s dreary dick jokes and elephant poop..." Village Voice
  • After the "Austin Powers" trilogy..."Love Guru" is a regressive step in the extreme. Hollywood Reporter.
There are some funny moments in "War Eagle." Let's all blame Mike Myers.

Did anyone go to the screening last night?

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