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The First Cookie



Following is our first Eat Arkansas entry from Jessica Kokinos-Havel, a culinary institute graduate who's done food blogging for New York magazine and who's now making her home in Little Rock. We hope she's going to become an Eat Arkansas regular.

Further proof that cookies are the most important food in the free world....

For the last four presidential elections, it was cookies and not necessarily the issues that carried heavy weight among voters. Family Circle Magazine's readers have correctly predicted who America's new first lady will be for the last four elections running by voting on the best cookie recipe submitted by each of the candidates' spouses.

With Hillary Clinton coming closer to the head honcho's position than any other woman in history, she provided this year's contest with a twist: The former president and (until recently) potential first husband, Bill Clinton, became the contest’s first male entrant. He submitted a recipe for oatmeal cookies. (Yeah right, Bill. We know you’re a chocolate chip man!) Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama also threw their hat in the ring with recipes of their own. It was butterscotch oatmeal cookies for Ms. McCain and shortbread cookies for Ms. Obama.

Why do we bother with those long boring debates on "real" issues? I can 't think of anything more vital to our future than flour, butter, and sugar combined into a treat that the whole country can agree on.

Click here to check out the recipes and weigh the issues ingredients for yourself.


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