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Big doings Saturday morning, June 7, in Argenta, with a grand opening of the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market, a beefalo giveaway, walking tours, music and more. A vendor of raw milk cheese sounds interesting.


Grand Opening of the Certified Arkansas Farmer’s Market, 7-noon and Argenta Community Day in US Bank Parking lot- Main and Broadway from 9-noon.

The farmer's market opens at 7 a.m. with the ringing of the Fair Trade Bell: (note: the market closes at 12 p.m sharp).

We will have Mayor Hays and the NLR Chamber of Commerce Vanguard officially cutting the ribbon at CAFM a little before 9 a.m. Mayor

Hays is expected to proclaim this Farmer's Day in Argenta. How cool is that!

The Old School Bluegrass Band will be at CAFM Argenta and I'm very excited to get this great group of locals who know how to make things lively. You don't want to miss this. They plan to crank up the bluegrass around 9 a.m. and play until 11 a.m. They are playing for tips, and will have some CD's for sale, so support the local music if you can. Heeeehaw!

The Beefalo Woman has set aside 150 lbs of grass fed beefalo burgers that will be given away until they are all gone. This will start around 9:30 a.m. This is free food, but we are asking for a small donation to CAFM to help raise funds for more events like this in the near future.

Argenta Community Development Corp. is hosting a Community Walking Tour in the US Bank near Main and Broadway, with free food and activities, and more live music. The walk will take you around to see some of the spotlight properties that are available, as well as some history of the Argenta community.

We expect several new farmers to show this week, as crops begin to come in:

Daly Dairy will be back with more of their one-of-a-kind raw milk, grass based cheese. This product is getting rave reviews and we are the only market in Little Rock to have this product. Please check them out, load up on the cheese SO THEY WILL KEEP COMING BACK.

Falling Sky Farm, Cody Hopkins will be at CAFM for the first time with grass fed chickens, and will be taking deposits on fall turkeys. I'm relieved to know they are doing turkeys, as I'm no longer able to do this with an intensely busy schedule this year. They are raising Bourbon Reds and Standard Bronze. Stop in and find out more!

Christian and Brigette Shuffield (Shuffield Farms) will be back with bean sprouts, spring mix, and more of the Nuffers beets, greens, and other vegetables. What a treat for those in the know!

Arkansas Natural Produce will be back with spring mix, and Sweeden Creek Shiitake mushrooms, as well as their wonderful edible flowers, strawberries, and maybe a few blackberries and strawberries.

VAL the Russian Farmer will have strawberries, squash, and potatoes (NEW!)

Chudy Farms and Apiary will have vegetable plants, unusual herbs like Patchouli, Eucalyptus, and through their partnership with Delta Supreme will bring fresh catfish from the Delta region of Arkansas. Of course, they will have more of the delicious honey. They are bringing back the organic dog biscuits, too!

Willow Springs Market Garden will have arugula, garlic, a few tomatoes, and herbs.

Hardin Farms will have cucumbers, squash, and maybe a few blackberries.

Cedar Rock Acres is bringing in carrots, Kohlrobi, herb plants, and maybe blueberries!

Stowe Market Gardens, Jeff Stowe of Pine Bluff, with varieties of hot and bell peppers (heirloom tomatoes), cherry tomatoes, and more!!

Penny Rudder will be marketing the Clean Plate Club, which provide a weekly menu and recipes for seasonal food available at CAFM.

Foodshed Farm will have grass fed beefalo.

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